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      About Us

      As the "nonylphenol, nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether and ethylene oxide derivatives" industry well-known manufacturer, has become a reliable supplier of listed companies, foreign enterprises and domestic and foreign names.

      Established in January 2012, Taixing Lingfei Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Jiangsu Lingfei Technology Co., Ltd. with an investment of CNY 520 million. Located at No. 11 Zhanan Road of Economic Development Zone in Taixing City, our company covers an area of 119,890 square meters; as a high-tech research, development, production and sales enterprises and a province-level technology enterprise, our company has a registered capital of CNY 170.6 million and 70 employees now, and 23 of them have a college education and senior technical titles. At present, our products are used in daily chemical, agrochemical, dyeing, spinning, integrated circuit resin, high-end coatings and other industries. Our company can annually produce 22,000 tons of nonylphenol and 60,000 tons of surfactants in the first phase. ...

      Product category

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      Offer customized ethylene oxide/propylene oxide surfactant monomer according to customer's requirements

      Safety, environmental protection, energy saving, science and technology, innovation

      Get development in sustainable way and carry out strong confrontation with domestic and foreign counterparts

      Our honorFrom strength


      The complete production and operation system, the strict product quality control manual and the perfect enterprise management system, have passed the international ISO14000 environmental system certification and the ISO9001 quality system successively

      Welcome to our new website!
      Welcome to our new website!
      Welcome to our new website!
      Welcome to our new website!
      Welcome to our new website!
      Welcome to our new website!
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